Kevin Writes In The Intro To SQUIGGLE The Book – ISSUU Link;

Bruno Munari Shapes Trilogy

Bruno Munari Shapes Trilogy

Squiggle The Book

Squiggle The Book – Read on ISSUU

The Squiggle, compared to the geometric shapes of Square, Circle, Triangle is the ‘odd man out’ in design terms yet it’s impact on our lives is profound. It’s makes no appearance in Bruno  Munari’s trilogy of the Square, Circle, Triangle. Why not? Was it because the Squiggle is a shape so totally unlike the Square, Circle and Triangle he didn’t see it as a ‘shape’; whose sides each contain and determine their (precise) geometric i.e. uniform appearance?

Each of the three shapes of Square, Circle, Triangle leaps out at us in every aspect of our lives and whose impact on art, design, architecture and culture are clearly demonstrated in Munari’s trilogy of the Square, Circle, Triangle. He called these the ’three basic forms’, And yet in nature, art, design and even architecture the Squiggle is as ‘basic’ a form as the other three.

It goes as far back in our psyche as human beings to our very beginning of communication. It is as an important use as a means of expression as the Square, Circle and Triangle. Even more so today when we look to convey our thoughts and  feelings in ’abstract’ art, as well as in design e.g. logos, packaging etc. Increasingly, architecture too espouses the shape of the Squiggle. Today we can now travel the Squiggle Road from Kandinsky to Kellogg’s Special K logo, to the Gaudi Casa Batllo in Barcelona and go back to caveman and we see the power of the ‘fourth in the trilogy!’

Look for our Squiggle highlighting like this—The Squiggle in and of itself lets our imagination loose with its freeform design and random shape. It generates its own message which we can interpret how we like e.g. chaos, disorder, freedom, fun, sexy, silly, random (and a lot more) in the myriad of ways that it is manifest.


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