First EVER Brand – The Squiggle??? 100,000 Years Ago! Design + Color Symbols.

Blombos First Graphic Tradition The Squiggle BrandFirst SignsGenevieve Von Petzinger Writes in ‘First Signs’ – (awesome book – just published Amazon Link): …another intriguing possibility is that the engravings were some sort of owners mark. In order to even think of marking something as being yours, you have to have a lot of modern cognitive concepts. You have to by self-aware as well as have a sense of personal identity. This could lead you to want to keep certain prized possessions or particularly useful items to yourself, and one way to do that would be to use a specific series of personalized engraved markings.

Kevin Writes: And I just love it that it is The Squiggle – as a ZigZag pattern – of personal or tribal identity. A brand! The first ever??

Here’s more on Blombos – The Squiggle Brand – From Fist Signs; with my squiggles all over it. I do this on all my books – always have! Funny that! Read (a lot) more on squiggles and brands in Squiggle The Book (draft so far)

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