The World’s Biggest Yellow Squiggle!

‘Totally Useless’ – Yet What An Impact!!!

World's Biggest Yellow Squiggle.1

World's Biggest Yellow Squiggle.3Kevin Writes: As a Yellow Squiggle (see my Apple /Android Apps ’60 Second Profile Me!’) I know why I LOVE this – no matter how ‘totally useless’ as Christo says. World's Biggest Yellow Squiggle ChristoBecause (simply) the Yellow and the Squiggle ARE Me! Are they YOU and one of the thousands who queue to experience it? If so this demonstrates the 90-90-90 Principle Of Buying, Fast or Not? the book

  1. World's Biggest Yellow Squigglewe choose what and why we buy/love 90% of the time because to colour and design.
  2. We decide in 90 Seconds of we like/love it because of colour or design
  3. We relate to the shapes and shades of our personality profile with Jung Myers Briggs 90% of the time.

That’s why #ideopsychology is the key to marketing and communication – visual – verbal -visceral especially when you can add ‘Walk on Water’!

NY Times

World's Biggest Yellow Squiggle Christo.1“I know these projects are totally irrational, totally useless,” he added. “The world can live without them, nobody needs them, only me and Jeanne-Claude. She always made the point that they exist because we like to have them, and if others like them, it’s only a bonus.”

Christo, whose full name is Christo Javacheff, and his wife, who died in 2009, envisaged a floating piers project 46 years ago

World's Biggest Yellow Squiggle.6“Look!” Christo said, pointing to a juncture where two pathways joined to form a bright saffron-colored V, contrasting against the deep blue of the lake. “You see! It falls in that way so you can see the movement,” he said. “It’s actually breathing.”

Walk on Water!

3046006-slide-the-floating-piers-the-floating-piers-project-for-lake-iseo-italy1ABC News Thousands of people have stepped out onto the latest work by renowned artist Christo Vladimirov Javacheff in northern Italy, seizing their chance to “walk on water”.

The most eager among fans of Christo, as he is universally known, camped overnight to be the first to step onto a walkway of 200,000 floating cubes covered in orange fabric floating atop Lake Iseo.

They create a three kilometre-long runway that connects the village of Sulzano to the small island of Monte Isola on the lake.

“It’s a very physical project, you need to go there (to understand it),” Christo said of the project called The Floating Piers, which is open to the public from June 18 to July 3.

“The Floating Piers” cost 15 million euros ($22.8 million) to create but will be free to the public and is expected to attract 500,000 visitors by the time it closes.

Several of the first visitors to experience Christo’s brainchild removed their shoes to better appreciate the “physical project” that was first conceived in 1970 but has taken until now to come to fruition.

“It’s like being on a boat, it sways, it’s fun,” Agata, 12, told Italian media.

Her family had driven overnight from Bergamo to arrive at the installation in time for dawn.

Christo first rose to fame along with his late wife Jeanne-Claude for their eye-catching packaging of famous landmarks like the Pont Neuf across the Seine in Paris in 1985 and Berlin’s Reichstag in 1995 – a project which took almost a quarter of a century of bureaucratic wrangling to get off the ground.


Thousands of people have tried out the latest installation by conceptual artist Christo – a 3km (1.9 mile) walkway on water in northern Italy.

Queues built up to get on the Floating Piers, made from more than 200,000 interlocking cubes wrapped in yellow nylon, as it opened on Lake Iseo.

Christo has warned the experience will be like walking on water – or on the back of a whale.

The Bulgarian-born artist once wrapped the German parliament in silver fabric.

Work has been going on since November to assemble and anchor the cubes to concrete slabs on the floor of Lake Iseo.

It is the artist’s 23rd large-scale installation.


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