BASS -The UK First Brand Trade Mark – But what does it MEAN??

First ever UK Trademark… it’s a Red Triangle!

BASS – The Pioneer of International Brand Marketing

Kevin Writes – The Triangle is one of Bruno Munari’s three ‘Basic Shapes’ of Square Circle Triangle – and Red Triangles were one of the choices in Kandinsky questioannaireKandinsky’s Questionnaire experiment with the Bauhaus  to see if ‘shapes’ and ‘colours’ had a natural affinity. See Museum of Modern Art MOMA Link

After twenty years of matching shapes and shades to personality profiles of Jung / Myers Briggs  (see Passion at Work Amazon), the Red Triangle is Perceptive Thinking – as opposed to the Judgemental Feeling. Four-Elements

The implications for the Bass logo are…. Red = last minute, play – not plan, options open, passion for change: Passion-At-Work-CoverTriangle = logical (it’s the best there is available) head not heart (I can trust this brand) and it’s all about ME! Add in the Squiggle signature – the FIRST ever script logo – copied by Coca-Cola et. al. – see below) and you have even more ‘fun’, more ‘creativity’, more ‘personal’ more ‘yeehaaa’.

And for the ‘I’ in my ego for the Triangle there is only ONE place to be ….AT THE TOP. It is success! The Triangle is the classic shape of the corporate structure with the Boss – at the top.

The Hidden Geometry of LifeKaren Writes in The Hidden Geometry of Life –  Amazon: Triangles are central to the act of creation, the process of creation and the essence of Being. The Triangle represents the Trinity comprising opposites and their union to create the third.Numerous groups of 3 are found in all scientific and metaphysical studies of the structure or organisation of physical life.

That’s the appeal -even to painters and Parisians as it appears twice in the Monet Folie-Bergeres painting. Is he a Red Triangle she is talking to??

Karen's Triangle Analysis of Monet Bar at the Folie-Bergeres

Karen’s Triangle Analysis of Monet Bar at the Folie-Bergeres

Click here to read Squiggle The Book 

Find out what Karen says of The Monet and his Triangles!

The Pioneer of International Brand Marketing

More info from Bass –

BassLogoBass, founded by William Bass in 1777, is one of the most successful brewing companies of all time. The company was also a pioneer of International brand marketing. The Bass Red Triangle was the first trademark to be registered under the UK’s Trade Mark Registration Act 1875, as trade mark number 1! The 1875 Act came into effect on 1 January 1876 and that New Year’s Eve, a Bass employee saw the New Year in by queuing overnight outside the registrar’s office, in order to be the first to register a trademark when the office opened the next morning.

It is one of the most distinctive, identifiable and historically significant logos and brands in the World.

Bottles of Bass with the famous logo have appeared in art and literature, including paintings by Pablo Picasso who must have enjoyed the odd tipple.

Bottle of Bass With Glass – Picasso Met Musem Link

PicassoPicasso plays with expectations. What might normally be printed—the label on the bottle at center—is deliberately hand-drawn, while what is traditionally handwritten—the artist’s signature—is stenciled within the outline of a dog-eared calling card at lower right. A diagonal representing a shimmering ray of light separates the “B” from the “AS” and energizes the composition. Ostensibly, “BAS” stands for the popular British import Bass ale (to which Braque and Picasso clearly refer in other Cubist works), but here the “B” is depicted as if it were the liquid itself entering the glass. Meanwhile the remaining letters—“AS”—spell the French word for “ace,” which is precisely what Picasso depicts below.

Even More Info Derbyshire Life – The Bass SQUIGGLE Signature – World’s First Script Logo

Bass Registration…the Red Triangle and appended Bass signature came to distinguish the company’s most cherished product. The signature also made it the world’s first ‘script logo’ – a device since adopted by Coca-Cola and countless others. These signed ‘logos’ (from the Greek logos for ‘word’) were thought to carry extra weight in fully authenticating the product. That concept of ‘branding’ merchandise was an ancient one. Blacksmiths who made swords in the Roman Empire are considered among the first users of trademarks. Others followed suit to indelibly identify their goods. This naturally led to fraudulent imitation. But centuries elapsed before the first trade mark legislation was introduced – by a 1266 Act of Parliament all bakers were required to use a distinctive mark for the bread they sold.

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