Sacred Geometry – Special Partnership

Gateway to the heavensThe Hidden Geometry of Life Kevin Writes: I am SO delighted to be joined by Karen L French – author, mathematician, marketer, speaker – passionate creator and teacher of Sacred Geometry, as we co-author and explore the world of Squiggle we live and  love in.

Life happens by chance as we ‘squiggle’ from place to place, event to event, relationship to relationship.. Imagine my surprise, delight and even shock to find that the author of two amazing, ground-breaking books which I discovered for sale in a former local (awesome) convent, now a retreat, lives minutes away!! It was a ‘Labyrinth Day’ retreat as we discovered the amazing revelations as you walk the labyrinth; so piling on the co-incidences.

My ScrawlsHere’s the books I bought and devoured – and scrawled all over ( the more I love a book the more it has notes – scrawls – underlines and ! marks).

After a coffee and meet up where our love of patterns (the Squiggle in us) and common goal to help people understand themselves we simply had to collaborate – both on Squiggle The Book and on future projects.

Karen talks in the video of ‘The Basic Shapes’. Squiggle The Book is the fourth in the trilogy – of Bruno Munari’s Square – Circle – Triangle. It’s the ‘Lifeforce’ of the Basic Shapes.Karen goes one stage further and has 5 Shapes! So….world, watch out!!

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