The dawn of sacred geometry

Our fertile imaginations and sacred geometry

Gateway to the heavensHello my name is Karen L French and I am delighted to be invited to contribute to ‘Squiggle the Book’ as I am passionate about archetypal symbolism.

Simple geometric shapes top the league as some of the first defined scribbles that our ancient ancestors created in the dawn of our symbolic systems, as seen in petroglyphs on rock faces.

From then many of our symbolic systems have been spawned, such as writing, music and mathematics.

They all are tools that help us to share our inner imaginings with others – how we feel, what we understand and in our creativity. And through sharing we contribute to the evolution of our species.

Petroglyphs from different cultures

Isn’t it wonderful that we can imagine and create other realities in our minds and then share our thoughts with others. Our imaginations are an incredible faculty that we take for granted. It is because of our ability to imagine that we can look beyond the boundaries of our physical surroundings and envision within us the underlying mechanisms working away behind the scenes. Our ancestors realised that geometry played a vital role in ‘shaping’ their world, as in the movement of planets and ripples in a pond, and because of this they revered basic geometric shapes. Indeed geometry, a universal language, is maintained to be the blue-print of reality that is inherent in everything created.

Those first drawings on rock faces heralded the beginnings of a rich heritage called sacred geometry that is found in numerous applications across the globe, such as art, temples, texts, rites and ceremonies. It is a subject that I have dedicated over 20 years to studying, across numerous disciplines, and writing about to share my findings in ‘The Gateway Series’.  Needless to say I have a large amount of material to draw from, and hope you find my contributions of interest and use.


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